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COVID Running

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

During the COVID19 pandemic many of us developed new good and bad habits, for this one I was going to just discuss what I have personally considered a good one.

Let me start by saying I used to hate running, I had no clue why anyone would run if they weren’t playing a sport. But my perspective has changed as it has become an escape and way for me to think and really expand my potential.

So why did I start running? No, not because I feared COVID (I had it and most did not know). It was not because I wanted to get in shape (but that was a major benefit).

Interesting enough when I look back at why I started it was data-driven. I was someone that wasn’t a fan of watches and wasn’t ever interested in a smart watch, but that all changed when my sister-in-law gave me her old Apple watch. Now this isn’t a plug for Apple, but in general any smart device.

Since many workout and fitness apps were free during the pandemic, I tried Nike for running and workouts. Honestly my first run I think I stopped every quarter of a mile, and it was over 10 minutes per mile so don’t judge me. What I found was that I was obsessed with the data and improving. I wanted to get more and more miles, become faster and faster, and do it more routinely. In fact, I found myself disappointed when I didn’t get at least 3 runs in per week. And part of it was wanting to keep up with my wife, who is very driven and constantly pushing herself and others to be fit.

Not only did my productivity at work increase, but I was newly driven to accomplish so much more. I wanted to create more, I wanted to coach more, and just be outside constantly. Those that have been on a Teams or video meeting with me know I love to work outside no matter how hot or cold, rain or shine, humidity- bring it on! I just love to not be in an office or at a desk (that is also why I love getting out to solar sites as well).

Like most of you, I don’t like to work out in groups or go to gyms so this has become my fitness routine that has changed my life. So how can you start? Well in my mind it’s simple it starts with one, it can be one walk, one mile, one job whatever that start is for you the only way to really benefit is stick wit it. Find an accountability coach, let data drive you, sign-up for challenges. Just start!

If you need encouragement, accountability, or a place to start just reach out!


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